September 14, 2016

About Us

Shock & Awe Productions - About Us

SHOCK & AWE Productions is family owned and operated!

We provide creative full production LIGHTING, SOUND and STAGING rentals with the utmost care and concern, as if it were you yourself designing it. We’ll put a “BIG ARENA FEEL” into any size concert, pack that extra “WOW” into special events, & offer the most amazing full service lighting rentals, sound rentals, and stage rentals in the Southeast!

We can tailor a choreographed stage lighting show experience around your music, or enhance your private function or party. The price will always be RIGHT, everything performed professionally, and you’re GUARANTEED the most positive reaction from your guests…..In fact you will want us at every event!

SHOCK & AWE Productions is equipped to act at any moment to fulfill last minute additions to your event rentals, and have the experience to set up and operate all of it on the fly.

Meet The Family

Founder and CEO of SHOCK & AWE Productions. Keith is our professional LD and master-craftsman with over 25 years’ experience. He’s head light designer, oversees setting up shows, programs lighting, creates custom sound packages, and meets directly with clients for estimating & design concepts. He trains all SHOCK & AWE lighting techs to ensure events are held to our extreme high standards. Keith is heavily involved in the local community, regional music scene, and a freelance photographer.


Richie has experience in setting up and striking any type of custom show, whether live performance, private event, or red carpet function. He has been extensively trained and proven, as head lighting tech. He can run any of our shows including 2 of our permanent venue rigs. Richie also trains new prospects for lighting tech.



Angelica is our second in-house photographer, and specializes in shooting live performance no-flash photography. Her work has been featured in online publications, and has captured local to national level acts. She is proficient in setting up and striking events, and running lighting consoles for live performance shows. She runs our installed lighting rig at one of our permanent locations weekly.


– Has been with us for 9 years now! He’s been in the music scene 15 years with regional and local artists. Paul has also worked with national acts and knows the logistics of various venues, studios and more. He’s our senior lighting tech, and has worked hundreds of our live events!

Jake E.– Jake is our head sound engineer with over 20 years experience in touring, 1-off, and house mixing. He can
run any digital & analog console, mix any genre band crystal clear while maintaining the clients requests, and set up
any size venue or outdoor stage with properly calculated sound.

Senay – Is our professional decorator. She is skilled in finding the perfect fabric, flower arrangements, table decor,
centerpieces, sheers, curtains, and more, Her experience is untouchable, and quality of work is absolutely amazing!

Matt B. – Works both conventional & intelligent lighting applications. Matt is also a current member of a local Atlanta band, and does incredible graphic design work! He’s created graphic work for SHOCK & AWE.

SHOCK & AWE PRODUCTIONS uses some subcontractor personnel in which we rely on for loading in and breaking down our event equipment. All of them are well-trained and have the experience to make any show we’re involved with, run smoothly and look amazing! We want to thank them for being reliable, honest, and delivering their best!

We guarantee you’ll receive personalized professional service from us. We care about each and every event we take on, and it shows! Our client list is long, we have a 5 Star review rating, we’re continually getting referred to new prospects, and we treat every event with the same integrity and attention, regardless of size. You will be in excellent hands! Our goal is to provide complete full service event rentals, in an affordable application, and have been for over 10 years! You’re guaranteed to be satisfied with our services, and will feel right at home with us. We treat you like family because we ARE family!