Live Performance Tips for Professional Minded Musicians

Live Performance Tips and Ideas for Professional Minded Musicians

When acting as promoter for a live show, whether your the band, band manager, venue or acting promoter, you will want to secure professional sound and stage lighting to compliment the music. Music sets a mood, but with lighting to accent all the changes, it brings everything together for an experience everyone will remember. Think Read more about Live Performance Tips and Ideas for Professional Minded Musicians[…]

The Importance of Fashion Show Lighting

The Importance of Fashion Show Lighting

Fashion shows are very popular with the middle and upper class sector, where they’re spending a large amount of money for designer clothes, or want to see them before they’re launched. There may be retailers or other outlets attending, who will order several outfits or multiple quantities of each. It is of the utmost importance Read more about The Importance of Fashion Show Lighting[…]

Outdoor Festivals Ideas and Solutions

Outdoor Festival Ideas and Solutions

Festival tips and suggestions for success…. Summertime is here and outdoor festivals are a big deal during this time of year! Creating a concert space on a large plot of land is perfect for packing in as many people as possible, using daylight as an alternative for stage lighting, having sponsor tents available, bringing in Read more about Outdoor Festival Ideas and Solutions[…]

Concert Photography Tips

Live Concert Photography for Beginners

STARTING OUT IN CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY The key to capturing realistic live concert photos is the camera, lens and operator. A pro grade DSLR camera is the choice if you want full quality out of your images. A pro camera isn’t meant for a “selfy” photographer or posting dinner pics on Facebook, but you don’t have Read more about Live Concert Photography for Beginners[…]

Follow Shock & Awe on Social Media

Follow Shock & Awe Productions on Social Media

Follow SHOCK & AWE on our Social Media Pages! We’re always wanting to stay in touch with everyone, be available for you when we’re needed, and provide you with valuable information concerning tips and event solutions. You can keep up with the venues we work in, upcoming major show announcements, latest photos of event set ups, get Read more about Follow Shock & Awe Productions on Social Media[…]


Secrets to Making Corporate Sponsors Happy for your Next Event

One of the hardest yet most important achievements when planning a public corporate event, is bringing corporate sponsors on board. When creating any event, there needs to be a budget for decor, entertainment, and production rentals. These are 3 categories that must be paid out, as opposed to promising “exposure” or other open promises. These Read more about Secrets to Making Corporate Sponsors Happy for your Next Event[…]

Professional Lighting

Professional Lighting Design Secrets

Throughout the years we at SHOCK and AWE Productions have been professionally lighting up stages, ballrooms and architecture for some of the highest rated clients in Georgia and surrounding areas. We’ve learned some helpful design secrets which we’ve decided to pass on to you, our friends. Here are just a few: Why is the right lighting important? Lighting Read more about Professional Lighting Design Secrets[…]

Online Press Kit

How to Post a Perfect Press Kit on Your Website

I’m often amazed when I go to an artist’s website, and I look around, and I’m trying to find basic press information and I can’t. It seems that in the age of Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook Fan pages, and constantly focusing on your two-way conversations, we’ve forgotten the important basics. This is a revised excerpt Read more about How to Post a Perfect Press Kit on Your Website[…]