Professional Lighting Design Secrets

Professional LightingThroughout the years we at SHOCK and AWE Productions have been professionally lighting up stages, ballrooms and architecture for some of the highest rated clients in Georgia and surrounding areas. We’ve learned some helpful design secrets which we’ve decided to pass on to you, our friends. Here are just a few:

Why is the right lighting important?

Lighting a room sets the tone of the event for guests as soon as they walk in a well lit room. It’s effects can be so subtle that guests may not even realize how it will affect their mood until the house lights are turned back on.  It can also be really dramatic, like projecting images of trees or snowflakes onto the walls, that all guests can think about is “wow!” Lighting is where you can highlight the theme of your event, sponsor names, or recognizable logos, all while leaving a fantastic impression on your guests! It’s the key to turning what could be a typical gathering into a visual experience.

What are some great Up Lighting ideas?

Up Lighting is great for colored walls and design pieces. When you’re not so lucky and wind up with dark walls or props, you will want to try and set up white backdrops which can be placed in certain areas and capture more color. They can be made out of spandex and stretched around something, or get some sheer material and drape it over doorways or props. Consider renting white columns or tall decor to up light. Trussing can be lit up in various colors and create an “‘electric” look.
You definitely want to consult and hire a lighting designer for the more complicated applications. Never take on huge events by yourself, as there is a lot that can go wrong, and that’s one less headache and responsibility you don’t want when factoring in everything.

Finding  a lighting professional

First you want to find someone who specializes in their field. A DJ is first and foremost a DJ, and may have lighting gear, but the equipment most likely won’t  have the power or ability to light up the room in a professional capacity. Instead, look for a specific LIGHTING DESIGNER with a reputation for quality, with photos on their website, an extensive review and clientele list, and who comes highly recommended. 
When searching for Lighting Professionals, use Yahoo Locals, Google+ local, or targeted paid marketing sites when researching. Look in the Review sections to see what their previous clients have to say. Make sure you look for no less than 4-5 star ratings, but consistency is what you want to base your decision on.

Current and Unique Lighting Designs- Some trends in lighting that will blow guests away
Projections The concept of projected decor onto facades, walls or walkways is huge. They can be moving images of trees or flowers or cityscapes, or they can be static. The right scene looks can instantly take guests to another place.

Creating dramatic lighting can mean anything from the right placement of candles or stringing globe lights, side-lighting a walkway, accenting sculptural pillars with LED up lights, or even projecting gobo images on a wall or floor. There are many choices to invent dramatic effects for themed events.

Drapery Any room can be decorated with pipe and drape around the perimeter,  and sheers can be hung from the ceiling, with designs and patterns from lighting fixtures to create a “scene”.

Custom Gobo Design Images

Gobos can be custom designed with your initials or new family name, product name, sponsor, or event title. They can be shown on the wall, dance floor or backdrop, and ordered through your production professional for a reasonable cost, sent within days, and yours to have forever as a keepsake of the special occasion. Make sure you ask your design professional about a package deal which will include the gobo, tripod stand, cross bar, lighting fixture to project your image, and the proper lens for size and throw. Expect to pay around $200 for everything including delivery and set-up of equipment. Its well worth budgeting it in! Once you have a gobo image, you can keep it and use it again and again.

We hope these tips will help out on your next event, and please let us know if we can provide any answers to questions involving lighting or other services we provide. Thanks for reading and much luck in your future events!

Keith MinorKeith Minor
Found & CEO
Shock & Awe Productions

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