September 25, 2016

Church Event Rentals

Atlanta Church Worship Event Rentals

Atlanta Church Worship Event Rentals

Event Solutions For Church Worship

When you have a Church celebration, youth ministry, Church holiday or revival coming up, you may want answers
to these questions:

  • “How to find lighting rentals for a Christmas play and what type of stage lighting should I use?”
  • “How to light Easter stage props, and what to do about sound rentals”
  • “Up lighting and sanctuary lighting for a special event”
  • “Can we rent outdoor sound rentals, stage lighting rentals, and stage rentals while keeping it all affordable”?
  • “Is there a “family friendly” DJ who plays music suitable for our congregation?”

SHOCK and AWE Productions can answer all of those questions, solve any event rentals you need, and all at
affordable full service rentals!