September 25, 2016


Custom Gobo Packages

Custom Gobo PackagesWhether it’s for a unique and memorable wedding, or a well-branded corporate event, a gobo can make a huge impact on your guests.

Imagine snowflakes projected on the wall during a Christmas party, themed images all around the dancefloor, or your favorite quote projected against the entrance of a ballroom. No matter the pattern, it will impress everyone attending.

Let Shock & Awe bring the wow factor to your next event with our custom metal gobo rental packages for only $200. This includes Gobo, lighting fixture, stand, delivery, setup and all cables needed. We’ll use your own design, or create one for you, and the best part is you get to keep the custom gobo afterward!

What is a Gobo?What’s a Gobo?

If you’ve been to an event and seen a logo, design or words projected onto a surface, it was likely a gobo. A gobo is a stencil or template made from glass or metal, and commonly placed in front of a lighting source, which projects onto any flat surface. Fixtures vary, but ellipsoidal lights on trussing or tree stands are common. Gobo is short for “go between,” as the stencil or template goes between the light source and projected surface.

With glass gobos, colors are used and light will transmit through them, giving a “true-to-life” projection. With a metal gobo, light shines through only the cut-outs in the metal, and can only be shown with one color. Usually a standard white light is used. Metal gobos are very common, but less customizable.

Custom Décor rentals at a Reasonable CostCustom Decor'

Interested in learning more or ordering a custom gobo package? Call Shock & Awe at 678.549.1591 today to get started. We’ll take your artwork or ideas and turn them into a beautiful presentation for all to see.

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